What is white collar boxing

White Collar Boxing is a safe form of boxing that is undertaken by people who work in white collar professions, usually with no prior experience in the ring, that are specifically trained to fight in special, exhibition event. More recently, it has become a great opportunity for the event participants to raise money for good causes, whilst training and learning about healthy nutrition at the same time.

Its origins come from a spot called Gleason’s Gym in New York City in the late 1980s, whose owner began organizing casual fights between the white-collar workers that used his gym. The popularity of the fights meant that they later developed into regular monthly events, and such as the popularity of white-collar events, they have been credited with keeping many boxing gyms in business ever since, and some WCB events attract spectator attendances in their thousands.

Who competes in White Collar Boxing events?

This is not for professionals; it is for inexperienced beginners who want to be more physically fit and try a new enjoyable way of life. White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for people with no boxing background to fully experience boxing and boxing training, in a very safe professional and enjoyable environment.

All the contenders that participate and sign up for white collar boxing are usually for the same reasons; to get in shape, personal development, learn new skills, gain a real sense of achievement, and raise much needed funds for charity. White collar boxing at this level is also a fabulous way to boost your personal profile and looks great on your CV to improve your career prospects. This will be something you can talk about for years to come and a remarkable journey of a story to tell at dinners.

Why should I sign up for Empress Rooms White Collar Boxing?

ERWCB is a professional outfit, headed up by former British and Commonwealth champion, John Jo Irwin, who has a proven background in developing young fighters to reach their potential. Through the ERWCB organisation, John Jo is going to give inexperienced fighters the benefit of decades of experience as they prepare for their exhibition bout.

When you sign up for a WCB bout with us, you will receive 8 weeks of FREE intense training from John Jo Irwin and his team professional boxing coaches. They will provide you with training tips to get you quickly to an extremely elevated level of physical fitness, teaching you the techniques you will need for a boxing match.

The step-by-step boxing training regimen will quickly have you in optimum physical condition, which will have a massive positive effect on your mental health. Beyond the exercise, you will also benefit from advice about your diet, which is just as important. You are about to put your body through a bootcamp training programme, so understanding which fuel is going to drive your body to optimum condition is a great benefit.

And it’s all for a good cause

True to the spirit of all White Collar Boxing events, there is a charitable effort behind the initiative, and ER White Collar Boxing is extremely proud to be offering this wonderful experience to raise money for the DVPDC Childrens Charity. Please do read more on the great work that John and Jackie do for disenfranchised youths who have found themselves outside of mainstream education, but with a bright future ahead of them thanks to the great work of the DVPDC. By signing up for an ERWCB bout, you contribute to the futures of many of these young people.

And the journey all starts from your computer or smartphone.