Dearne Valley Development Centre

The Dearne Valley Personal Development Centre are a non-profit registered Charity who offer an alternative education experience for young people who have found themselves disengaged from mainstream schools and colleges.

It is their belief that there are many young people who have very little sense of their own worth. Conventional education does not always fulfil their discrete learning and behavioural needs so an alternative must be offered. At Dearne Valley PDC their project aims to combat these issues by offering shorter more devoted working days, which emphasis on physical activities that will help to deal with anger, aggression, health, team building, cooperation, development of social skills, and a respect for others.

The Dearne Valley PDC believes in offering our young people real skills and qualifications. All tutors are extremely experienced in their own field, they have worked as teachers, lectures and within social services. They are passionate about their work and determined to help the young people back on track.

The project is headed by John Jo Irwin, and for the last five years John has been working with a range of young people. He has a natural ability to connect with some of the most challenging youngsters. His rise to success winning a gold medal in the Common Wealth Games and becoming British Champion as a professional boxer has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to young people. John has worked in the construction industry since leaving school and is a qualified joiner and since becoming involved in education has achieved a certificate in teaching. John uses his keen sense of humour and a ‘small steps’ approach to building trusting relationships with the young people in his care.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Dearne Valley PDC has opportunities for sponsors to join this great project. If you are a business looking to give something back to the community and sponsor a good cause, then please get in touch!

Can you add value to this project?

If you like the sound of this project and think you’ve got what it takes to be a volunteer, or you just have a great story to tell which would inspire others, then please get in touch.

More Ways of Offering Support

If taking part in this charity boxing event is not your thing, or you have little spare time, there are other options and we would still appreciate your support, below or some other options.

Text "Support" To 07480 619057

You will be sent a SOTpay link to your mobile phone where you can offer a small donation of your choice. Just a few pounds can contribute to help a child reach there full potential.

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