White Collar Boxing Advice

Win, lose or draw you want to make sure you perform and provide a good show in the ring.

There is no better feeling than winning your first White Collar Boxing fight, you will want to walk away knowing that you gave it your best. However, always respect your opponent both before and after the fight.

How to prepare for white collar boxing

HIIT Interval training is great for boxing as it consists of short bursts of exercise which will help you get prepared for your 2-minute rounds in the ring. This can include a variety of exercises including, star jumps, sit ups, press ups, plank, squats, dips, skipping, dumbbell punching, burpees, medicine ball, squat thrusts, punch bag, speed ball, chin ups … well, I am sure you now get the drill.

Choose 4 exercises if your performing 2-minute rounds and 6 for 3-minute rounds, then perform 30 second of each exercise. Then rest for 1 minute and do the next round depending on your fitness you need to work up to 10 rounds – once you get to 12 rounds you are at match fitness.

If you are training yourself at home and have a boxing timer, then great if not there is some apple apps you can download to your smart phone with a boxing bell to make this more of an authentic boxing workout for you. I have even seen these on YouTube with incorporating music.

If you have a boxing coach, he will have the equipment and the bell to time and push you through the boxing workout.

A useful resource for more boxing tips of course is YouTube and amazingly its free, so use this incredible resource to pick up some valuable training tips.