Basic White Collar Boxing Training Tips

A quick list of basic boxing tips your trainer will teach you. These boxing tips will improve your boxing training, boxing punching, and defence.


1. Stay cool and punch a little lighter on the bag so you can last more rounds and concentrate on technique and form. This will allow you to get in more time of quality bag work.

2. Do not workout till complete failure early in the game, however, make sure you break a sweat, and just push yourself a little more each workout.

3. Have a water bottle on hand and drink lots of water.

4. The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask so while you have the opportunity through your 6 to 8 weeks training ask the pros lots of questions.

5. You will make strong friends on your journey if you make yourself sociable and approachable.


6. Work on your footwork and turn your whole body into the punch, you don’t need to be super-fast to make an impact.

7. Punch slowly when in proactive mode to improve your technique, everyone thinks that you train by just being fast, this is not true, slow movements first then pick up speed.

8. Throw short hooks, short uppercuts, and short rights but long jabs.

9. You don’t always have to throw one knockout punch after another. Combinations are what you need which lead to the knockout punch.

10. Throw punches and use head movement to fake out your opponent. There are four basic evasive head movement techniques this drill will help you perfect. These instructions are written for an orthodox boxer if you are southpaw then just revers the routine.

· Duck – In fighting stance, drop your level straight down by bending the legs so that the punch goes over your head. Do not adjust your stance.

· Slip Right – In fighting stance, move your head to the right side of the jab. Keep your guard up protecting the chin, the left shoulder should replace where your head was.

· Slip Left – In fighting stance, move your head to the left side of the jab. Keep your guard up protecting the chin, the right shoulder should replace where your head was.

· Pull Back – In fighting stance, without moving your feet and while keeping your chin down, shift your weight on to your rear leg and move your head back enough so that the punch misses.

11. Practice body shots, a good body shot can end a fight. Try a jab to the head, and right hand to the body. When you are in close, lean your head inside to and throw 3 hard body punches.

12. Throw 3-5 punch combinations, you really do not need to practice ten punch combination set – all this will do is drain your energy and leave you open to counters, s make your attacks snappy.

13. Always keep your eye on your opponent, breathe out or grunt when you punch. Never hold your breath and do not look at the ground. Keep your eyes wide open when throwing punches, in training and in the ring.

14. Throw the first punch, do not wait around for your opponent to attack. Throw a jab even if it does not land. Study your opponent and keep your eyes open for more punching opportunities.


15. Stay calm and never stop breathing, jab and keep your opponent on the back foot. In white collar boxing especially, you see fighters coming out straight away windmilling even though that's not the way they have been taught. Stop them with accurate jabs to the head.

16. Hold your hands high, elbows low, lots of little head movements and protect your chin

17. if you have an aggressive opponent, try not to get caught up in running around the ring. Sidestep and jab, hook, or Wack him with a straight right, this can sometime stop your opponent as if he walks on then this punch will have twice the power and impact sometimes stopping the fight.

18. Don’t always wait for your opponent to finish punching before you start punching back. Interrupt their rhythm with a counter punch.